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Remuneration consulting is the most important area of our business. We offer a wide array of services connected with the analysis, construction and management of remuneration.

We approach the implementation of each project on a case-by-case basis. In addition to embracing cutting-edge global solutions, we develop and implement our own tools. We are, among other things, promoters of the bonus system known as the bonus bank, creators of the Polish salary satisfaction questionnaire, the Sedlak & Sedlak Compensation Assessment Tool, and authors of the Polish Total Rewards model.

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HR Consulting

HR Research

Monitoring what is happening in your business is the best means of preventing unwanted situations, such as a decrease in work efficiency or the departure of valuable specialists from the company. Only professional research can provide accurate and reliable data on this subject, which allows to identify the company’s areas for improvement.

At Sedlak & Sedlak, we foster a culture of evidence-based HR. We believe that personnel policy needs to be based on reliable and up-to-date knowledge, both from the outside and from within the organization.

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Scope of research:

HR Tools

  • The Psychological Pitfalls of Remuneration
    A well-structured remuneration system plays a critical role in supporting and stimulating pro-effective behavior of employees, and thus – in achieving success by...See more
  • Salary System Audit
    An audit is a must in every business looking to improve the performance of its salary system. As a result of the audit, you receive information on the operation of the...See more
  • Job Evaluation and Design of a Salary Scale
    Valuation is required in the case of companies that want to organize the levels of employment, identify key positions and determine the relative value of each one of...See more
  • Building A Bonus System
    The bonus system is one of the key tools to influence the effectiveness of employees. We offer a comprehensive bonus system for the entire company. On top of that, we...See more
  • Comparative Analysis of Manager Salaries
    Properly motivating top-level managers has a tremendous impact on the results of the organization which they manage. Therefore, it is important that their remuneration...See more
  • Pay Equity Audit
    Fair treatment in employment is a vital part of labor law. As part of the audit, we check whether there is any gender pay gap, the value of work, or the scope of...See more
  • Club Salary Report
    The club salary report is formed as a result of examining the remuneration of a specific group of companies, associated in the so-called compensation club. The club is made...See more
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HR Indicators for Your Business

Currently, HR departments undeniably attach more and more importance to analytics and performance management.

At the same time, HR professionals feel most vulnerable in these specific areas. Thanks to our longstanding experience and conversations with customers, we have created a tool that will allow you to assess the effectiveness of human resources management.

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HR metrics is a platform that allows to compare between companies in areas such as:

Stock Market Analysis

Stock Market Analysis

Are you looking for reports showcasing the remuneration of CEOs, members of management boards and members of supervisory boards in GPW Listed Companies? Take advantage of our stock market reports to easily access aggregated data and the ability to compare them with any selected companies.

Dedicated Workshops

Dedicated Workshops

By choosing this form of classes, you will adapt the training program to suit your needs, and we will implement them according to your expectations and guidelines.

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  • Bonus systems
  • Bonus systems in practice
  • Introduction to remuneration of sales employees
  • Total benefits from work. Polish Total Rewards model
  • Introduction to remuneration
  • Remuneration of senior managers
  • Compensation performance management
  • The psychological pitfalls of remuneration
  • How to draw up reasonable remuneration and bonus regulations?