Społeczna odpowiedzialność

Running HR people

Running HR is a program created to promote an active lifestyle. Each employee of the HR department who can document the completion of an official Marathon run in the last two years is entitled to take advantage of special price offers for the purchase of Sedlak & Sedlak products. To set a good example we also run!

Educational activity

Compensation management is one of the most important functions of HR departments. Despite this, Poland still lacks institutions dealing with the promotion of knowledge in this field. Our company tries to fill this gap by undertaking a number of activities promoting knowledge about remuneration:

  • we published 12 books on HR,
  • we organize the Krakow Remuneration Forum,
  • we run the salary.pl and Rynekpracy.pl portals,
  • we perform at industry conferences,
  • we participate in meetings with students,
  • we help in scientific research.

Helping the needy

Every year, on the occasion of Christmas and Easter, our employees complete packages with food, cosmetics, cleaning products and toys, which they give to families in need.

Socially responsible services

Sedlak & Sedlak's offer includes services whose function is to counteract negative social phenomena, such as mobbing in the workplace or discrimination in the company. We also conduct workshops and lectures on combating pay discrimination. We provide pro-bono services to public benefit organizations.