Salary Surveys

Would you like to check the wage levels in various positions or compare the benefits offered by companies in Poland? You’ve come to the right place! We release a salary survey report that contains this information twice a year. 

Salary Reports

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Stock Market Reports

Stock Market Reports

Are you looking for reports showcasing the remuneration of CEOs, members of management boards as well as members of supervisory boards in GPW Listed Companies? Take advantage of our stock market reports to easily access aggregated data and to compare them with any selected companies.


Workplace Benefits Report

What non-financial benefits are standard on the market? We’ve got the answer! One of our reports shows the popularity of benefits that can be offered to employees. We also have data for how employees perceive the attractiveness of various types of benefits.

Workplace Benefits Report
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HR metrics

HR metrics

The HR metrics platform and report allow to measure the most important company KPIs and compare them with the market. Thanks to 40 indicators, presented together with the methodology for their calculation, we provide data on fluctuation, absenteeism, labor costs, investment in human capital, and salary profitability.


HR Tools

HR Tools
  • TRS Application

    You want to make sure that employees are aware of all the benefits they get from working in your company? You’re in the right place! We deliver a tool which you can use to prepare a report about all benefits from work for an unlimited number of employees.

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    TRS Application
  • Compensation Assessment Tool

    Are you considering optimized payroll expenditure? The Compensation Assessment Tool application is here to help! This tool will allow you to assess their effectiveness and manage an optimal payroll budget.

    Compensation Assessment Tool
  • Earnings in Poland

    The most important data on salaries and basic economic indicators published by the Central Statistical Office – all collected in one place.

    Earnings in Poland
  • My Pay – Salaries in Various Positions in Poland

    Want to find out how much you should be earning in Poland? Use this tool and check the rates offered in similar positions. The figures come from the National Salary Survey (OBW) conducted continuously since 2003.

    My Pay – Salaries in Various Positions in Poland
  • Salary Calculator

    A loyal companion in converting gross to net and net to gross salary. Know the employer’s costs, select the tax year and other variables. See how much social security contributions and individual insurances the company will have to pay.

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    Salary Calculator

Remuneration Consulting

Remuneration consulting is the most important area of our business. Drawing on the best market practices, we will help you create a new remuneration system or improve the current one that will help you achieve the company’s goals and strategy.

The offer for our clients includes:
  • design of a remuneration system
  • remuneration system audit
  • job evaluation and construction of salary scales
  • construction of a bonus system
  • salary satisfaction survey
  • payroll consulting for small businesses
  • reports on total benefits from work – Total Rewards Statement
  • assessment of efficiency of expenditure on salaries
  • pay equity audit
  • assessment of the competitiveness of the remuneration system
Remuneration Consulting
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Cyclical Events

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  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Webinars

Krakowskie Forum Wynagrodzeń

The Krakow Remuneration Forum (Krakowskie Forum Wynagrodzeń) is the biggest, annual conference in Poland where the speakers are mainly remuneration specialists. Each edition features about 20 presentations concerning current problems related to employee remuneration, including: bonuses, pay rises, budgeting, remuneration effectiveness.

Join us, listen to the experts, share your experiences and together let’s develop knowledge in the field of Compensation & Benefits.

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We believe in HR based on data and knowledge.

We are here to help companies make the right decisions that will translate into an effective personnel policy and, consequently, the success of the entire organization. That’s why our offer includes salary surveys, benefits reports, analytical tools, HR indicators, and job satisfaction surveys.

We have been conducting business since 1990 and we are the oldest Polish company in this industry:

  • we published the first salary report in Poland and we have maintained our leading position in this area
  • we have created the largest internet portal dedicated to salaries
  • we have published 13 books
  • we have conducted 18 conferences

Today, we provide reliable and easy-to-use tools on a daily basis.

Since 1990, we have been trusted by thousands of customers. They were right.

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Sedlak & Sedlak Publications

Our company undertakes a number of initiatives to promote knowledge about remuneration. One of these...

Books and e-books

Our company undertakes a number of initiatives to promote knowledge about remuneration. One of these imitative includes publishing books about HR. So far, we have published 12 books on this topic.

A collection of other publications about remuneration and HR topics: eBooks, guides.


A collection of other publications about remuneration and HR topics: eBooks, guides.