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Job market analysis

Being keenly aware of the challenges facing business enterprises, we decided to launch a job market analysis department in 2007.

Our goal is to prepare reports and analyses concerning labour productivity, labour costs, costs of hiring, costs of retention and employee turnover. Our other areas of interest include current situation analyses, “access forecasts” that describe the ability to reach certain groups of professionals, as well as hiring and retention cost data. Thanks to a constant effort to monitor global knowledge resources, our team is able to prepare analyses and reports addressing practically all aspects of the job market. We have developed a number of forecasts that take into account changes in the Polish job market related to Poland’s internal market situation and the EU’s overall market situation. In the era of globalization, it is important to know what is needed in order to retain the most valuable employees in the company.

If you need job market information or are considering entering the Polish market, then we are here for you.