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HR surveys

BadaniaHR.pl is an online platform entirely dedicated to carrying out the employees’ attitudes and opinions surveys.

We provide ready to use sets of questionnaires. What is important, they have been validated and have norms for polish employees (over 15 000 people were surveyed).

The available surveys are:
  • The Salary Satisfaction Survey

  • The Job Satisfaction Survey

  • Work Life Balance Survey

  • The Occupational Stress Survey

  • The Employee Engagement Survey

  • The Occurrence of bullying (mobbing) survey

  • The Discrimination in The Workplace Survey

  • Managers Competency Assessments Survey

So far the questionnaires are available only in polish but our tools are ready to be used worldwide.
If you have any question about this service please contact our specialists:
+48 12 625 59 21 or biuro@sedlak.pl