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HR indicators

On this platform you can measure 43 different indicators, divided into 4 groups:
  • 16 indicators focus on turnover,
  • 8 on absenteeism,
  • 13 on work effciancy,
  • 6 on investments in human capital,
  • and 3 economic performance indexes.

Using our HR Indicators Report, you can compare your company's results with the market's benchmark, optimalize labour costs and control your investments in HR.
Our report provides you with all the necessary data to effectively manage your company. The results’ analyses allow you to systematically follow any change on the labour market and quickly react to any problem surfacing in your company.

The HR Indicators Report provides you the following information about:
  • the level of turnover in different regions and industries,
  • the sickness absenteeism and one-day absenteeism in companies of different sizes,
  • the training budget in various sectors,
  • the time needed to recruit a specialist, manager or a director,
  • the profit (net) gained from each 1 PLN invested in salary.

If you are interested in obtaining information on our HR Indicators Report, please contact us.

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