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Salary reports

In 1997, we were the first to produce a salary report in Poland. Even though we now issue more than a dozen such reports per year, we are not resting on our laurels. We are aiming even higher. In 2006, again as the first to do so, we produced a report comparing salaries in Poland with those in other EU countries. We were also the first Polish company to issue a “cost of hiring” and “cost of life” report in Poland. In addition to producing salary reports for our wynagrodzenia.pl portal, we also run the largest non-government salary survey program (OBW) in Poland.

We know that many difficult salary policy changes await Polish business enterprises. Knowing market rates is the key to implement such changes and optimize labor costs. Knowledge in this area is particularly important in light of the rise in salaries in the last few years. These changes are certainly not the last to come. The salary structure in Poland is still quite different from European norms. In order to stay competitive in the job market, we will have to devote much more time to this issue than in the past.

Our most important products include:
  • Industry-wide salary report

  • IT job salary report

  • Production job salary report

  • Public company executive compensation report

  • Banking sector executive compensation report

  • Sales professionals‘ compensation report

  • Compensation reports on different industries (automotive, FMCG, etc…)

  • Reports comparing salaries in Poland to those in other EU countries

We have salary data and salary benchmark for the whole Poland and also for regions such as Silesia, Podkarpackie, Mazowieckie, Warsaw.

Furthermore, we can produce special sponsored reports upon request. Such reports can reflect compensation trends in different industries, regions, and among specific positions.

For more information, please contact our Compensation Analysis Department.
Phone: + 48 12 625 59 14